Literacy Narrative Part 3: My Journey as a Reader

Before completing the literary narrative project, I didn’t realize the importance of the writing process. Of course going through the normal procedure of a pre writing, draft and final was habitual, but I never revisited a piece to edit it after finalizing. I came to conclusion that no writing is ever final. Over the course … Continue reading Literacy Narrative Part 3: My Journey as a Reader

Pushing Creative Boundaries

Through the span of this semester, my writing has shifted towards a more creative approach. Without the typical boundaries that I was previously restricted to while writing essays, I felt that it was much easier for me to just flow without hesitation. My ability to express my thoughts through not only my writing, but pictures … Continue reading Pushing Creative Boundaries

A “Normal” Day in the Weight Room

As I worked out this past Thursday, the last thing I expected was to be able to craft a comic surrounding what I thought would be just normal day of class. Moments after a 5 pound weight came crashing into my ankle, to make light out of the excruciating situation, I thought to myself that … Continue reading A “Normal” Day in the Weight Room

Secure the Bag!

Items: Casio Calculator Empty Water bottle- very very thirsty right now šŸ˜¦ Jergens Ultra Healing lotion Hand sanitizer Apple Headphones Darwin’s Fossils PlannerĀ  – i’m terrified to open it and see look at all of the upcoming work I have to do MacBook Sleeve – MacBook is about to die:( Biology folder Chem folder – … Continue reading Secure the Bag!

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