Literacy Narrative Part 3: My Journey as a Reader

Before completing the literary narrative project, I didn’t realize the importance of the writing process. Of course going through the normal procedure of a pre writing, draft and final was habitual, but I never revisited a piece to edit it after finalizing. I came to conclusion that no writing is ever final. Over the course of three months I have created a literacy narrative, revised that narrative, created a comic from the literacy narrative and now returning to craft yet again another literacy narrative. As I reflect on this timeline, I can now confidently say that I know how to practice writing as a process.

Returning back to the alphabetic literacy narrative from the comic was a smooth transition. As I wrote a new literacy narrative, the illustrations of my comic served as a guiding tool. The narrative foiled out to be shorter than the original but it was more coherent with the comic and my journey as a reader.

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